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Still and quiet classes for the times you don’t want to move very much…

GENTLE YIN WITH MUSIC - enjoy an easeful class with with relaxing music
GENTLE YIN (WITHOUT MUSIC) - enjoy an easful class
GENTLE YIN FOR HIPS - deeply relaxing yin to open and release hip area
SIMPLE INTRODUCTION TO YIN - welcome to a peaceful, still style of yoga
YIN FOR SPACE & STRENGTH - cultivate wellbeing, peace, space and strength
STILLNESS WORKSHOP - take an afternoon to dive deep into stillness
MY FAVOURITE YIN - all the things I love most in an hour of lovely yin
RESTORATIVE YOGA & STRORY 1 - deeply relaxing class with gentle inversion & story
RESTORATIVE YOGA & STORY 2 - with reclined bound angle & story time
RESTORATIVE YOGA & STORY 3 - child pose, supported backbend & a story
RESTORATIVE YOGA & STORY 4 - twist, side stretch and a story
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