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Bring movement and breath together in these classic, gentle and kind yoga classes

A NURTURING HOUR - gentle movement and relacation
CULTIVATING BLISS - gentle movement as we search for acceptance
YOGA FOR DEPRESSION - a simple, gentle class to lift your mood
BUILD HEAT & STRENGTH - yoga flow for strength & energy
INNER / CORE STRENGTH - soft & strong core movement
GENTLE CORE STRENGTHENER - small movements to build core strength
UPLIFTING HEART - simple movement for wellbeing
UPLIFTING HEART (& Relaxation) - simple movement for wellbing with a relaxation
SLOW SOFT HAPPY - 50 mins of my favourite kind of movement
VIBRANT STRETCH & FLOW - wake the body & mind
SUN SALUTATIONS - the classic yoga flow
GENTLE SUN SALUTATION - a slow & gentle introduction to this classic yoga flow
ENERGETIC & INVIGORATING - a dynamic class to build strength & resilience
PLAYFUL ENERGY UPLIFT - gentle sun salutations and twists
RELAX & RELEASE - gentle flow class finishig with 'legs up the wall' & relaxation
SIMPLE & STRETCHY - a simple stretchy practoce with a short but nurturing relaxation
STRENGTHEN & STABILISE - build strength & stability in lower half of body
HAPPY HIPS - gentle hip openers leading to pigeon pose
RELAX & DIGEST - a nurturing class to aid digestion and bring ease to belly area
PEACEFUL YOGA - A COMPLETE CLASS - a full 90 mins of movement, breathwork & relaxation - a real treat!
EASE OUT YOUR SHOULDERS - release tension in shoulders and open the heart area
SOOTHE ANXIETY _ DAYTIME - help to settle a swirling mind with this gentle grounding class
SOOTHE ANXIETY - EVENING - a calming class for the evening, even just before bed
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - morning sequence
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - night time sequence
SOOTHE LEGS & FEET - LEGS-UP-THE-WALL gentle movement for the lower half of the body
GENTLE AWAKENING - 20 minutes to awaken & nourish the body
WELCOME THE DAY - a gentle stretch to open & prepare for the day ahead....
FLOW & RESTORE - a class of 2 halves: easeful flow followed by restorative postures
SUKHASANA SEATED STRETCH - sit comfortably to move your spine & shoulders
ENERGY STIR-UP (Gentle version) - sun salutations and kneeling movements
STIR YOUR ENERGY - Create some energy today!
EASE YOUR LOWER BACK - 40 mins of gentle movement to bring comfort to the lower back
GENTLE CHAIR YOGA - one hour of gentle movements and relaxation from the comfort of your chair
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