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A collection of soft, slow and kind movement sequences. Some classes may include some more ‘challenging’ options, but the emphasis is always on gentle practice, moving in harmony with the breath, and often with a particular therapeutic purpose. 

NEW! A NURTURING HOUR - gentle movement and relacation
NEW! PLAYFUL ENERGY UPLIFT - gentle sun salutations and twists
NEW! SLOW SOFT HAPPY - 50 mins of my favourite kind of movement
NEW! ENERGY STIR-UP (Gentle version) - sun salutations and kneeling movements
NEW! UPLIFTING HEART (& Relaxation) - simple movement for wellbing with a relaxation
NEW! UPLIFTING HEART - simple movement for wellbeing
NEW! CULTIVATING BLISS - gentle movement as we search for acceptance
STRENGTHEN & STABILISE - build strength & stability in lower half of body
SIMPLE & STRETCHY - a simple stretchy practoce with a short but nurturing relaxation
RELAX & DIGEST - a nurturing class to aid digestion and bring ease to belly area
RELAX & RELEASE - gentle flow class finishig with 'legs up the wall' & relaxation
SOOTHE TIRED LEGS & FEET - gentle movements to stretch and release the lower half of the body
GENTLE AWAKENING - 20 minutes to awaken & nourish the body
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - morning sequence
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - night time sequence
WELCOME THE DAY - a gentle stretch to open & prepare for the day ahead....
SUKHASANA SEATED STRETCH - sit comfortably to move your spine & shoulders
YOGA FOR DEPRESSION - a simple, gentle class designed to lift your mood
PEACEFUL YOGA - A COMPLETE CLASS - a full 90 mins of movement, breathwork & relaxation - a real treat!
EASE OUT YOUR SHOULDERS - release tension in shoulders and open the heart area
GENTLE SUN SALUTATION - a slow & gentle introduction to this classic yoga flow
SOOTHE ANXIETY _ DAYTIME - help to settle a swirling mind with this gentle grounding class
SOOTHE ANXIETY - EVENING - a calming class for the evening, even just before bed
FLOW & RESTORE - a class of 2 halves: easeful flow followed by restorative postures
GENTLE CHAIR YOGA - one hour of gentle movements and relaxation from the comfort of your chair
EASE YOUR LOWER BACK - 40 mins of gentle movement to bring comfort to the lower back
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