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For when you only have a little time to spare. Believe me, I know it can be hard to set aside big swathes of time for yoga, but actually there is much to be said for a ‘little and often’ practice, so dip in here.

NEW! PLAYFUL ENERGY UPLIFT - gentle sun salutations & twists
NEW! ENERGY STIR-UP - create some uplifting spring energy
NEW! ENERGY STIR-UP (Gentle Version) - create some spring energy
EASE INTO MOVEMENT Part 1 - build strength, mobility AND a routine
EASE INTO MOVEMENT Part 2 - build more strength, mobility AND a routine
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - MORNING movement to start the day
TOP & TAIL THE DAY - EVENING movement to wind down the day
BREATHE & RELAX - ten minutes of stillness to resent the nervous system
GENTLE AWAKENING - 20 minutes to awaken and nourish the body
SIMPLE & STRETCHY - a shorty practice with a nurturing relaxation
GENTLE SUN SALUTATION - a 15 minute intro to this classic flow sequence
FULL SUN SALUTATIONS - 15 minutes of the classic yoga flow
SHORT & SIMPLE SLEEP SEQUENCE - 20 minute class to prepare for bed
SUKHASANA SEATED STRETCH - gentle move spine & shoulders from a seated base
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